Plain Language Disclaimers and HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

I am a lawyer and IBCLC lactation consultant … but I am not your lawyer or IBCLC lactation consultant.

As least, not yet.  If you would like to engage my professional services, we will first discuss and agree to all the terms that matter:  how much you’ll pay me, what services and follow-up I can provide for that fee, the timetable involved, what record-keeping and reports are required, and how insurance may cover some or all of my work for you.   Please use the “Contact” Page on this site to initiate our private conversation.

You are welcome to learn, generally,  from anything you read on this site.  Please respect the copyright notice you see at the bottom of each and every page of this site.  You may freely share links to this site, or refer others to it.

Nothing you read here on this website (even if you do hire me to help you) can replace a direct consultation by you with your own lawyer, accountant, IBCLC, or other professional who has a duty to protect your medical or legal interests.

You absolutely, positively may not ever — not even once, not even for a good reason, not even to help a breastfeeding mother, not even if you are on a deadline, not even if you give me full credit, not even if there is no commercial interest or money  involved  — copy-cut-and-paste, and/or screen-shot, and/or republish, and/or redistribute anything that you find on this website, unless you ask me first and get my written permission.  Thank you so much!

Please see my required Notice of Privacy Practices, under the Health Insurance Portability and Affordability Act (HIPAA), here.